This is the end of the office as we know it

higher productivity
safety against all risks & hazards
satisfied employees

the new normal UV lighting disinfectionhigher-quality air filtration systemsautomation and voice technologydouble internet backbone redundancy

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Concept of

The interdisciplinary project team is working on the idea of creating a working environment that is good and healthy for people, putting them in an environment they can enjoy and doing what they do best.

More efficient and profitable work results thus lead to an optimized ROI from the tenant's point of view.

The opportunity now is to provide an office environment that is better than it was imaginable before the crisis.


post-COVID-protection from hazard

This is the chance to shift planning paradigms of the past that have been driven by density and costs instead efficiency. The workplace of the future needs to deeply support people’s wellbeing, knowing that their safety is directly linked to their physical, cognitive and emotional states. People want to interact safely and comfortably, and they embrace new ways of working.

Sustainability and environmental Responsibility

Future Workplaces will be environmentally sustainable workplaces that seek to protect the environment, to conserve precious natural resources and to minimize damage both internally and externally to the business.

Redundancy & Operational Safety

To ensure operational safety, the building is connected via two redundant Internet backbones, data-driven building operations with real-time monitoring and work order management, sneeze guards, physical barriers at high-risk areas.
This Image is a sysnonym for a future planet workspace


The Future Planet Workspace office building will be the extension of an already existing building. Whereas the basic concept of the project has been blueprinted so far, interested parties still have the possibility to contribute with their requirements and needs, and much more with fresh ideas.


Time Schedule

The time schedule is designed to make sure that there is room for further conceptual development and new experiences from the corona pandemic (post-shutdown) can be taken into account, so interested tenants can bring their requirements into play. Until 30.9.2020, we are still flexible and able to make comprehensive optimizations and changes, also with regard to the amount of space available. First availability of office space is expected for first Quarter 2022.

Size of Building & Parking Lots

Size of the building will be 2.950 sqm in total plus parking lots.

As such, this is a rare opportunity to secure office space of substantial size in the eastern part of Luxembourg.


Technical Specifications

The building is designed in such a manner that maximum flexibility can be achieved. The usable areas are offered as "Open Space", the final equipment requirements are currently being worked out according to the above-mentioned aspects.



Elegance & Beauty

This Image is a sysnonym for a future planet workspace

Add CSR Value for your Stakeholders

Derived from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • Positive contribution to global climate change
  • Optimization of individual health and the feel-good factor
  • Protection of water resources
  • Sustainable and regenerative use of materials
  • Improving social justice, environmental justice, community health and overall quality of life

In case this philosophy and ethic fits your product or service, this is the chance to amplify your message to your clients!

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The property is located in the Parc d'Activité in Munsbach, Luxembourg.

The commercial area is used by auditors, hotels, banks and other commercial enterprises. The immediate neighbor is an administration building of the airline Luxair. Immediately to the south-east there is an unobstructable nature conservation area.


  • Autobahn Exit = 1 KM, 2 Minutes
  • Luxembourg Airport = 8 KM, 6 Minutes
  • Luxembourg Kirchberg = 8 KM, 6 Minutes
  • Luxembourg Center = 10 KM 8 Minutes
  • Trier, Germany = 36 KM, 22 Minutes
  • Border Germany = 18 KM. 12 Minutes

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